Title: Grace in Nature and History: Luther's Doctrine of Creation Revisited
Author: Niels Henrik Gregsen
Source: Dialog, vol.44, No.1, Spring 2005: 19-29

這篇文章主要是從Catechism和Eucharistic Writings當中,探討路德的創造論。在第一部份中,作者首先指出在問答中,"the doctrine of creation is modelled after the doctrine of justification",並且路德從三個層面去探討創造論:the personal sphere, the communal realm, and the wider cosmic setting.其中作者特別指出"This social realm is not something added to being a human, but is part of what it means to have the capacities of sensation and human reason."而作者在此部分,除了Catechism以外,也將Confession Concerning Christ's Supper的Confession部分加入探討,將其中threefold divine self-giving of Father, Son and Holy Spirit列入探討。
在Eucharistic Writings中,作者主要是針對路德對於基督坐在上帝右邊的詮釋。(待續)

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